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just like the pros.

Create your new Saas within 10 minutes using our React/Next.js boilerplate. Everything included.

Everything you need to get started

Handling authorization, payments and user management can be a big headache. Use our boilerplate and start developing your web app quicker.

Subscriptions and Payments

Earn income from your product with built in support for subscriptions and checkout with Stripe.


Unbreakable authorization using next-auth so you never have to worry about security.

Social logins

Login and sign-up using social providers like Google, Discord, and more.

Admin dashboard

Manage subscriptions, users, pricing, and more in the built-in the admin dashboard.

Easy backend

Easily access your backend using tRPC and never worry about creating complicated API routes.

Premade components

We give you a set of 20+ base components to get your project off the ground faster.


Create and assign roles to manage access rights in your app.

Type safety

We use a modified version of the T3 stack, the premier stack for creating stable and type-safe applications.

Route based dashboard

Easily add new pages to your dashboard by simplying creating a new file in the dashboard folder.

User onboarding

Add custom onboarding questions to fit the needs of your project.


Users can view payment methods and see past invoices all from the dashboard.

Serverless by design

Your backend and frontend are bundled into one project, meaning you can deploy using Vercel or docker within seconds.

We make managing easy.

We have built a full featured admin dashboard so you can manage everything from your website.


Add custom on boarding questions to get the exact info you want from your users.


Create and manage pricing plans that can assign roles to users.

Built for the modern web.

Connect any social provider to make logging in easy.

Social Logins

Connect social providers like Google, Twitter, Discord


Securely have users sign in using their email address.

Build in minutes, deploy in seconds.

1. Download

Download the latest version from GitHub.

2. Build

Configure auth providers, payments, and your production environment.

3. Deploy

Publish to the web within minutes using Vercel. Now you're ready to start getting users.

Deploy in 5 minutes using Vercel

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